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when the lions come

/// Kovu ///

/// 21 / born sept 26 ///

/// head honcho lion ///

/// saberiok overlord ///

friendly neighborhood lion

current theme: neptune

"woke the f*ck up" by jon bellion

character hoarder / gym douchebag / livin 'la vida loca
I'm pretty bad at these things but. name's Kovu (obvs). I'm a self-proclaimed artist.
presently (july 30th as type this) I am in the process of a big move, so I am extremely slow with responding. please keep this in mind! <3


7 deviants said I can have as many OC's as I would like to have. you cannot be mad at me for my amount of characters.
No deviants said (commenting to explain)

will you turn to fight?

KingBrovu / pronounced (king-bro-voo)

art statuses:

commissions || closed
trades || only for mutual watchers
requests || never

I don't need a sub, I don't need a speaker
Cause a nigga bring the noise like an onomatopoeia
Leave him in the dust, all he see is my Adidas
Na na na na boo boo, wouldn't want to be ya
Never turnin' back, how you think I got here?
And I'm never slowing down, fuck was that a deer?
If you got a problem, step to the office
Matter fact, never mind, talk to the Kiosk, Biatch
You have no idea
That's why they call me B dot been a maniac ever since I was knee-high
Man I swear to God I need help, someone call Charter, maybe call FEMA
Cause I got to be crazy or outta my mind to have this many stamps on my VISA

Please do not thank me for the fave/watch/llama, your comment will be hidden. You're already welcome!

If you want to talk, please respond to the featured comment! ♥


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MonsterMeds Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
//gently places this here
The stars will shine for You by MonsterMeds
KingBrovu Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so nauseous just thinking about havin to approach this. my stomach is in knots. I've never dealt with someone so manipulative and verbally abusive before. I don't know what to do. I feel trapped, and I'm terrified that she's gonna attempt to hurt me, or she's gonna break or steal my shit while I'm at work and she's not. but. I just want my home back. I want to be able to breathe again. I want to regain my motivation and my will to live. I want my relationships or attempted relationships with people not to be ruined by her having to make it awkward and/or forcing herself in there and trying to get with the guys I'm talking to (despite being lesbian? like ? you're legit just doing this to fuck up my relationship chances). it's unnerving and awkward and just. shitty. I wanna cry. I hate this. I hate feeling like I'm the one in the wrong despite literally everyone telling me that I'm the one that's right. I told my brother and his immediate response was "thank fuck! finally" about me kicking her out soon. my coworker that she ruined our chance of being together p mucu by making it weird even agrees with me. he's been asking me when I'm kicking her out. she doesn't ask ever just brings random girlfriends over and decides it's a-okay to fuck in the house when in in the fuckin other room. she gets legit mad at me because I don't feel comfortable bringing a guy over and doesn't understand what's so weird about the concept of fucking someone in the other room while the other is home is so weird. she's literally mad at me because I haven't gotten laid because of what Eric did to me messing me up still, because I don't trust many people. and the people I trust she tries to get with just to fuuck me over. she tells me I'm the one in the wrong when I ask her to not slam the door at 4:45 am when I have to work at 8 am that morning, but attacks me because one time the door closed hard when I came in and my hands were full. it was 9:30 pm when I got home. not even late and she's up later than I ever am. ever. and I'm the bad guy. when her last friendship ended she didn't realize I'd see all the texts on her screen that she showed me when she wanted to blame Shane for ending their friendship because she wouldn't drive. that was the last message about how she got upset about driving and made a scene. he had two paragraphs explaining that he was angry because she was being buddy buddy with me to my face after she had, quote, "spoken so cruelly" of me. he ended their friendship because she's a back stabber. because she has the audacity to act like best friends to someone's face and speak horribly nasty things behind their back. but I'm the bad guy. I can't deal with this. I can't wait until I'm finally free
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TRlSTE Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey friend, I was just wondering if you were still using this design that you bought from me? I might be interested in buying him back from you if you do still own him.…
dtnol Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016
(takes a shitus on your page)
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